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It's your program's fault
Posted 10/03/2018 by Stephanus Surjaputra

Doctor is having problems on one computer. He's getting an access violation when trying to exit out of our software. Access violations usually occur if we lose connection to the network. I verified it by going in to his PC and then I couldn't move anything. We finally got network connection and I go to his file folder and double-clicking on the network drive. Of course he gets an error saying that there was an error connecting to the network.

He says to me well it never happened before, just when we go to your software.

Sure, doctor. Our software purposely disconnects connection to your network so you can't work.

Update my what?!
Posted 10/12/2018 by Anonymous Tech Supporter

We have this lady in our apartment building who thinks she knows more about computers than she really does. Back when Win7 was current, if you had a problem with your computer she'd tell you to "update your Microsoft". Wouldn't that be a neat trick. Obviously she meant to "run Microsoft Update" but she didn't know that.

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