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Role Reversal...
Posted 09/08/2017 by kjn41

Being a front-line tech support person for a large big-box retailer I handle all sorts every day... Managers, receivers, cashiers, clerks, corporate specialists like other IT people and accountants, VPs, etc... ... and call center employees.

Very rarely do I get calls from the call center people. Usually when they call they're either "super nice" from dealing with customers all day... or "super rude" from dealing with customers all day...

... And this particular caller was on the "super-nice" side... very much so! And sounded pretty tired after a long day of dealing with customers all day (I used to work their department, so I know how it is...). And I like messing around with people.... ESPECIALLY people who are super nice to me... <insert evil laugh here...>

She calls in, simple problem... I remote into her PC and fix it. All done in about 10 minutes from the time I said "Hello!" Then this happened while wrapping up the call:

Me (to a very tired-sounding woman at the call center): "OK, looks like your program is all fixed!"

Call center woman: "Great! Is there anything else I can do to help you today?"

Me: "Hey! That's *MY* LINE! YOU'RE the CUSTOMER on this call, REMEMBER?"

Both: LOL!

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