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Transferring Contacts & Photos to New Phone, Part 2
Posted 04/11/2014 by Dudette Loves Her Dell

DH lost his phone on Monday. It was not turned on and he needed a working phone, so my older (spare) got reactivated with the phone number from the missing phone.

It takes a while because I misread the serial number and having a B input as an 8 will mean that it is NOT the phone in my hand that they are expecting to have call in to the activation number. Finally figure out that I have the wrong serial number and look to see which # or letter might be wrong.

Try B instead of 8 and the activation call goes through on the first try. Phone is activated. Two days later the other phone is turned in to Lost & Found.

Today it takes less than four minutes to transfer all the settings to the micro SD in the "lost" phone, swap it to the phone that is activated, and transfer the information back to the phone. AND format the micro SD card, just in case of changes when the firmware updated just after activation.

The "lost" phone is now being used as a charger for the spare battery and I am NOT tempted to offer it on Freecycle. This is not the first time DH has dropped a phone at work - it's just the first time we had a spare phone on hand of the same make & model!

Bless the Mute Button
Posted 04/16/2014 by Tappa

I work as a contractor for a technology company. Most everyone I speak with has the title of Administrator or Scientist so you would think they would have basic computer knowledge. Trust me, do not judge a person by their job title.

Our company has a standing contract with one of the largest computer/software providers, not the Fruit company, the other one. All of our programs are designed to only work on that company's web browser. If they use another browser, the site/application will not load. Below is one of my favorite calls.

Me: "Thank you for calling (Company) tech support. How can I help you?"

Lady: Yes. "I am trying to get into (site name) and it will not load."

I do a little troubleshooting and test the site myself, just to be sure, then ask a few questions which leads me to believe she is not in the right browser so I ask her.

Me: "Ma'am. Are you in (Elemental animal browser)?"

Lady: "No. I'm at home."

I was extremely grateful for the mute button that day.

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