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Backup your work
Posted 06/11/2018 by Tech Teacher

I teach computer classes at a community college. First day of every class, I do a little show-and-tell about backing up work. And then I explain that not doing backups is not a good excuse for not turning in assignments on time...

Student: I’m sorry, I don’t have my project.

Me: What happened?

Student: I don’t know; it was on my computer, but now it’s not.

Me: Did you back up your work?

Student: No...

Or you could just buy it.
Posted 06/13/2018 by jayessell (long time contributor)

One of my older long time clients wanted me to

a) Download a Youtube of classical music

b) Edit it into 12 individual videos

c) Convert each of those into MP3s

d) Burn them to two audio CDs.

So naturally I purchased the 2 CD set

(that the Youtube poster ripped from)

from Amazon.

$20. (Free because I had a credit.)

I'll charge the client $20 plus tax.

I'm going to ignore everything you type until you enter a PIN
Posted 06/15/2018 by jayessell (long time contributor)

Client called.

Notebook issues.

Power, initialization, video, boot OK except "dead keyboard?"

I pick up the notebook and charger (Thanks! I didn't have one like that.)

Once on the bench it turns on and boots.

I press the spacebar to get the white 'type password here' window.

I type the password but no black dots. the grey uppercase letters...PIN

I type 1 2 3 4 enter.

That's wrong of course, but I'm getting the black dots and told I'm wrong.

Under the window is 'Sign-In Options' where I'm offered the choice of using a PIN or a Password.

I select Password, enter the password (Black Dots!!) and I'm in.

I was able to return the notebook within hours of picking it up.

Minimum charge...$30 + tax.


I should photograph anything I pick up (notebooks especially) to check for cosmetic or pre-existing damage.

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